Werner Raza

Austrian Foundation for Development Research

Werner Raza is Director of ÖFSE – The Austrian Foundation for Development Research. An economist focusing his research on International Trade and Development, he has lectured at several universities and colleges in Austria and abroad. In addition, Mr. Raza has been a member of various advisory committees in the fields of foreign trade promotion, development finance and development policy. His research focuses on development economics and policy, international trade, GVC analysis and industrial upgrading, with a regional focus on Latin America, as well as Northern and Eastern Africa.

Jan Grumiller, Hannes Grohs, Werner Raza

Reconciling Efficiency, Resilience and Sustainability: Global Value Chains in a Post-Covid-19 World

In this article, we aim at making both a conceptual as well as a policy contribution to this debate. In sections 2 and 3, the interlinkages and trade-offs between GVC effi- ciency, resilience and sustainability will be explored and a conceptual framework be introduced that provides a sys- temic way ...

Jan Grumiller, Hannes Grohs, Werner Raza

How to align efficiency, resilience and sustainability in GVCs? A conceptual assessment

Hannes Grohs, Jan Grumiller, Werner Raza

Resilience in Sustainable Global Supply Chains: Evidence and Policy Recommendations

The COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdowns and export restrictions highlighted the vulnerability of global trade and global value chains (GVCs). What is more, many commentators argue that the likelihood of exogenous shocks that threaten international trade and GVCs, such as natural disasters, pandemics...

Raza, W., Krajewski, M., Tröster, B., Wolfslehner, B.

How can international trade contribute to sustainable forestry and the preservation of the world’s forests through the Green Deal?

High deforestation rates, particularly in tropical areas, remain a pressing concern for the international community, given their impacts on the global climate and the loss of biodiversity. The EU has committed to promoting sustainable forest management both domestically and internationally. However,...

Grumiller, J.; Raza, W.; Grohs, H.

Strategies for sustainable upgrading in global value chains: the Egyptian textile and apparel sector

The promotion of sustainable value chains is on the rise in the EU, with important implications for textile and apparel (T&A) products. EU T&A supplier countries and firms will increasingly have to adapt to the new EU value chain and market dynamics. Based on a case study of the Egyptian T&a...

Bernhard Tröster, Rudiger Arnim, Cornelia Staritz, Werner Raza, Jan Grumiller, Hannes Grohs

Delivering on Promises? The Expected Impacts and Implementation Challenges of the Economic Partnership Agreements between the European Union and Africa

Economic partnership agreements (EPAs) mark a new era in economic relations between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries that will lead to reciprocal tariff liberalization. Model‐based impact assessments have become a powerful tool in trade negotiations and mixed r...

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