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Yet Another Disruptor in Global Value Chains is Imminent: The European Union Green Deal’s Circular Economy Regulations


“Sustainable global supply chains in times of geopolitical crises” Annual Report 2023

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We see supply
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Global supply chains are the product of international economic interdependence and the transnational organization of goods and services. As such, they play an integral part in shaping our economies, societies, and our environment.

"The real Competition
is between supply chains, not companies."

Martin Christopher

"Many supply chains are perfectly suited to the
needs that the business had 20 years ago"

MIT Professor Jonathan Byrne

"The line between
disorder and order lies in logistics..."

Sun Tzu


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Latest publications

Global Value Chains, ‘In-Out-In’ Industrialization, and the Global Patterns of Sectoral Value Addition

Antonio Andreoni, Keun Lee & Sofia To...

Since the emergence and diffusion of regional and global value chains, production-chain development has always played a key role in shaping countries’ structural t...

Reconciling Efficiency, Resilience and Sustainability: Global Value Chains in a Post-Covid-19 World

Jan Grumiller, Hannes Grohs, Werner R...

In this article, we aim at making both a conceptual as well as a policy contribution to this debate. In sections 2 and 3, the interlinkages and trade-offs between GV...

Labor Displacement in Agriculture: Evidence from Oil Palm Expansion in Indonesia

Christoph Kubitza, Vijesh V. Krishna,...

We analyze the labor market effects of oil palm cultivation among smallholder farmers in Indonesia. Oil palm requires less labor per unit of land than alternative cr...

Linking power and inequality in global value chains

Juliane Lang, Stefano Ponte, Thando V...

There is increasing interest in the study of globalization on whether the emergence and consolidation of global value chains (GVCs) have exacerbated inequalities wit...

Power and inequality in global value chains: Advancing the research agenda

Stefano Ponte, Jennifer Blair, Mark D...

Power is a central, but largely undertheorized, concept for scholars of global value chains (GVCs). In this introduction to a special issue on power and inequality i...

Do global value chains spread knowledge and pollution? evidence from EU regions

Federico Colozza, Carlo Pietrobelli, ...

In this paper we investigate the relationship between participation in global value chains and the environment from a spatial perspective. By drawing on an original ...

Jobs and Productivity Growth in Global Value Chains: New Evidence for Twenty-five Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Stefan Pahl, Marcel P. Timmer, Reitze...

Using newly developed data, the evolution of job and productivity growth in global value chains (GVCs) is analyzed for 25 low- and middle-income countries. GVC jobs ...

Global Value Chains, Job Creation, and Job Destruction among Firms in South Africa

Gideon Ndubuisi and Solomon Owusu

Extant studies suggest that firms’ engagement in global value chain (GVC) trade is associated with productivity gains that result from the continual reallocation o...

Learning-by-exporting in South Africa: The influence of global value chain (GVC) participation and technological capability

Caio Torres Mazzi, Gideon Ndubuisi, E...

Using the South African Revenue Service and National Treasury firm-level panel data for 2009–2017, this paper investigates how trade related to the global value ch...

Global value chains and firm survivability during the COVID-19 pandemic: digitalization as the moderator?

Sasidaran Gopalan, Sébastien Miroudo...

Firms participating in global value chains (GVCs) were not only exposed to significant shocks during the COVID-19 pandemic but also turned out to be more resilient. ...

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