Reconciling Efficiency, Resilience and Sustainability: Global Value Chains in a Post-Covid-19 World

Jan Grumiller, Hannes Grohs, Werner Raza
#Environment and climate change
#Sustainability standards

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In this article, we aim at making both a conceptual as well as a policy contribution to this debate. In sections 2 and 3, the interlinkages and trade-offs between GVC effi- ciency, resilience and sustainability will be explored and a conceptual framework be introduced that provides a sys- temic way of thinking about the issues involved. Section 4 provides an overview of policies to promote resilience and sustainability that are currently implemented in lead- ing economies of the Global North. Section 5 provides a concluding discussion on possible policy responses in the EU including the need for addressing the impact of such policies on the countries of the Global South.

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