Reconciling Efficiency, Resilience and Sustainability: Global Value Chains in a Post-Covid-19 World

Jan Grumiller, Hannes Grohs, Werner Raza
#Environment and climate change
#Sustainability standards
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In this article, we aim at making both a conceptual as well as a policy contribution to this debate. In sections 2 and 3, the interlinkages and trade-offs between GVC effi- ciency, resilience and sustainability will be explored and a conceptual framework be introduced that provides a sys- temic way of thinking about the issues involved. Section 4 provides an overview of policies to promote resilience and sustainability that are currently implemented in lead- ing economies of the Global North. Section 5 provides a concluding discussion on possible policy responses in the EU including the need for addressing the impact of such policies on the countries of the Global South.


Werner Raza

Austrian Foundation for Development Research

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