Miaojie Yu

Peking University

Miaojie Yu is a Boya Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Peking University in Beijing China where he also holds the position of a Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Dean of the National Development Research Institute. He has won different national and international award such as the National Outstanding Youth Fund award in China and the Royal Economic Society Prize. He obtained his PhD in Economics at the University of California, Davis. His research interest is international Trade and Development Economics.

Guangzheng Jing, Shanshan Meng, Miaojie Yu

Digital economy and the domestic supply chain network

Accelerating the development of the digital economy and building digital industrial clusters with international competitiveness has become an important connotation of China’s high-quality economic development. From the perspective of the digital economy, this paper makes an in-depth study of the i...

Wei Tian, Miaojie Yu

Distribution, outward FDI, and productivity heterogeneity: China and cross-countries’ evidence

This paper examines distribution-oriented outward FDI using Chinese multinational firm–level data. Distribution outward FDI refers to Chinese parent firms in manufacturing that penetrate foreign markets through wholesale trade affiliates that resell exportable goods. Our estimations correct for ra...

Miaojie Yu

China’s manufacturing value chain ascent to date

This chapter utilizes total factor productivity (TFP) to measure the performance of large Chinese firms in 2001–2008. The upgrading of China’s manufacturing value chain that has resulted from integration with world markets has rich policy implications. The chapter describes the performance of th...

Mi Dai, Madhura Maitra, Miaojie Yu

Unexceptional exporter performance in China? The role of processing trade

The firm level trade literature finds that exporters are exceptional performers for a wide range of countries and measures. Paradoxically, the one documented exception is the world's largest exporter, China. We show that this puzzling finding is entirely driven by firms that engage only in expo...

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