Digital economy and the domestic supply chain network

Guangzheng Jing, Shanshan Meng, Miaojie Yu
#East Asia and Pacific

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Accelerating the development of the digital economy and building digital industrial clusters with international competitiveness has become an important connotation of China’s high-quality economic development. From the perspective of the digital economy, this paper makes an in-depth study of the internal mechanism of the development of the digital economy on the supply chain network of Chinese enterprises, and uses the data of Chinese listed enterprises from 2007 to 2016 to identify and test the causal effect and influence mechanism of the digital economy and the position of enterprise supply chain network under the empirical framework. Research shows that the development of the digital economy is conducive to enhancing the influence of Chinese enterprises and improving their central position in the existing supply chain network. The digital economy promotes enterprise supply chain network status through the information transmission effect and technological innovation effect. Compared with digital economy industries, state-owned enterprises, and enterprises in coastal areas, the development of the digital economy has a greater positive role in promoting the position of the supply chain network of traditional industries, non-state-owned enterprises, and enterprises in inland areas. The research of this paper provides a practical basis for accelerating the construction of modern industrial chain and supply chain systems and promoting high-quality economic development.

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