Stefan Seuring

University of Kassel

Stefan Seuring is full professor of supply chain management at the University of Kassel. He holds a PhD and Habilitation in business administration from the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany. His research covers the intersection of supply chain management and sustainability. He was and is involved into inter- and transdisciplinary research on sustainable supply chains, linking e.g. into decent work or biodiversity. One related stream of research links to Base of the Pyramid contexts and analyses business setting with and for the poor. This also links into emerging economy settings, so empirical research in the last years was conducted e.g. in India and Pakistan, Kenya and Uganda, Brazil and Chile.

Felipe Alexandre De Lima, Stefan Seuring

A Delphi study examining risk and uncertainty management in circular supply chains

Circular supply chains (CSCs) have attracted increasing attention in the supply chain management literature due to their role in increasing the circularity of materials, components, and products. However, surprisingly little attention has been paid to risk and uncertainty management in CSCs, with th...

Carolin Brix‐Asala, Stefan Seuring, Philipp C. Sauer, Axel Zehendner, Lara Schilling

Resolving the base of the pyramid inclusion paradox through supplier development

Resulting from divergent business environments between actors, the integration of the base of the pyramid (BoP) into formal supply chain (SC) structures is often ham- pered by institutional voids, which can result in the emergence of paradoxical situa- tions. This paper analyzes the potential of sup...

Mark Alan Heuer, Usman Khalid, Stefan Seuring

Bottoms up: Delivering sustainable value in the base of the pyramid

Despite a wealth of expertise involving leading institutions over at least 15 years, a base of the pyramid (BoP) model resulting in scalability has yet to emerge. We posit that institutional gaps between BoP goals of developing human and social capital on one hand and a short-term profit focus of bu...

Sadaat Ali Yawar, Stefan Seuring

Management of Social Issues in Supply Chains: A Literature Review Exploring Social Issues, Actions and Performance Outcomes

The social dimension of sustainable develop- ment and its impact on supply chains have so far received less attention than the environmental dimension. The aim of the research is to explore the intersection between social issues, corporate social responsibility (CSR) actions and performance outcomes...

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