Kate Macdonald

University of Melbourne, Australia

Kate Macdonald is an Associate Professor in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Her research focuses on the politics of transnational production and business, with a particular focus on labour, human rights and environmental regulation of global business. She has published three books and over 50 journal articles and book chapters on these issues. Recent articles have appeared in Regulation & Governance, European Journal of International Relations, Governance, Review of International Political Economy, Philosophy & Public Affairs, International Theory, and Ecological Economics.

Rachael Diprose, Nanang Kurniawan, Kate Macdonald, Poppy Winanti

Regulating sustainable minerals in electronics supply chains: local power struggles and the ‘hidden costs’ of global tin supply chain governance

Voluntary supply chain regulation has proliferated in recent decades in response to concerns about the social and environmental impacts of global production and trade. Yet the capacity of supply chain regulation to influence production practices on the ground has been persistently questioned. Throug...

Kate Macdonald, Rachael Diprose, Janina Grabs, Philip Schleifer, Justin Alger, Bahruddin, Ben Cashore, Paul Cisneros, Deborah Delgado, Rachael Garrett, William Hopkinson

Jurisdictional Approaches to Sustainable Commodity Governance

Jurisdictional approaches (JAs) have emerged over the past decade as a significant mode of sustainable commodity governance, particularly in tropical forest countries. JAs are characterized by multi-stakeholder initiatives with substantial government involvement, aiming to integrate environmental, s...

Rachael Diprose, Nanang Kurniawan, Kate MacDonald and Poppy Winanti

Promoting sustainable minerals through global supply chains: scaling up or crowding out sustainability?

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