Kalina Manova

University College London

Kalina Manova is Professor of Economics at the University College London, specializing in international trade and investment. At UCL, she also served as Deputy Department Head in 2020-2023. She received her AB, AM and PhD from Harvard, and was previously Assistant Professor at Stanford, Visiting Assistant Professor at Princeton, and Professor at Oxford. She serves on the Council of the European Economic Association and on the editorial boards of Review of Economic Studies and previously Journal of International Economics. She is Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research, Associate at the LSE Centre for Economic Performance, Research Affiliate at the International Growth Centre, Affiliate at CESifo Institute, and External Consultant at Bank of England. Professor Manova's research explores three themes in international economics: (i) the effects of financial frictions on international trade, multinational activity, and gains from globalization; (ii) the role of firm heterogeneity in productivity, quality, and management; and (iii) the determinants and consequences of global value chains for firm performance. Her research has been published in leading academic journals and policy forums.

Andrew Bernard, Emmanuel Dhyne, Glenn Magerman, Kalina Manova, Andreas Moxnes

The Origins of Firm Heterogeneity: A Production Network Approach

This paper explores firm size heterogeneity in production networks. Using all buyer-supplier relationships in Belgium, the paper shows that firms with more customers havehigher total sales but lower sales per customer and lower market shares among thosecustomers. A decomposition of firm sales reveal...

Davin Chor, Kalina Manova, Zhihong Yu

Growing like China: Firm performance and global production line position

Global value chains have fundamentally transformed international trade and development in recent decades. We use matched firm-level customs and manufacturing survey data, together with Input-Output tables for China, to examine how Chinese firms position themselves in global production lines and how ...

Kalina Manova, Zhihong Yu

How firms export: Processing vs. ordinary trade with financial frictions

The fragmentation of production across borders allowsfirms to make and exportfinal goods, or to perform only in-termediate stages of production by processing imported inputs for re-exporting. We examine howfinancial frictionsaffect companies' choice between processing and ordinary trade–impli...

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