Justin Barnes

Justin has a 25-year track record in Global Value Chain research and international industrial and trade policy development. He was recently responsible for compiling Mauritius’ new industrial policy, and led the development of South Africa’s automotive, extra heavy transport equipment, and clothing, textiles, and footwear masterplans. He has completed industrial research, corporate strategy, and industrial and trade policy development assignments in over 30 countries; and has extensive benchmarking and firm-level upgrading experience, having pioneered firm-level competitiveness assessment and industry clustering methodologies. Justin is presently the Chairperson of B&M Analysts, the Manufacturing Ambassador of the Toyota Wessels Institute for Manufacturing Studies, and an Associate Professor at the Gordon Institute of Business Science at the University of Pretoria. He holds a BA Hons (Geography), MSocSci (Development Studies), and PhD (Development Studies – Industrial specialisation).

Jan 1, 2021
Justin Barnes, Anthony Black, Lorenza Monaco

Government Policy in Multinational-Dominated Global Value Chains

Through a series of government plans, the South African automotive industry has achieved undeniable success, especially in terms of its export orientation. The industry uses efficient technologies and is integrated into global markets. However, major structural weaknesses exist. Export growth has no...

Jan 1, 2021
Mike Morris, Justin Barnes, David Kaplan

Value chains and industrial development in South Africa

This paper focuses on the dynamics of global value chains (GVC) engagement and industrial development in South Africa through two case studies - the automotive and textiles/apparel sectors. The further industrialisation and development of South Africa and of the Southern African region will depend...

Jan 1, 2021
Justin Barnes, Anthony Black, Chelsea Markowitz, Lorenza Monaco

Regional integration, regional value chains and the automotive industry in Sub-Saharan Africa

To date, regional automotive value chains have not developed to any significant extent in Africa. Growing demand for vehicles across the continent, closer economic integration and the desire on the part of some larger African countries to establish an automotive industry have improved prospects. But...

Oct 27, 2022

Is the electric age a game changer for South Africa’s automotive industry?

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