Cuihong Yang

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Cuihong Yang is professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, where she also obtained her PhD. Her main research areas are input-output analysis, economic forecasting and global value chains. She was vice president of the International Input-Output Association(2013-2018) and is the executive vice president of the Chinese Input-Output Society (2016 onwards). Besides, she is member of the editorial board of the Journal of Systems Science and Complexity and of Economic Systems Research.

Kailan Tian, Yu Zhang, Yuze Li, Xi Ming, Shangrong Jiang, Hongbo Duan, Cuihong Yang, Shouyang Wang

Regional trade agreement burdens global carbon emissions mitigation

Regional trade agreements (RTAs) have been widely adopted to facilitate international trade and cross-border investment and promote economic development. However, ex ante measurements of the environmental effects of RTAs to date have not been well conducted. Here, we estimate the CO2 emissions burde...

Quanrun Chen, Kunfu Zhu, Peng Liu, Xiangyin Chen, Kailan Tian, Lianling Yang, Cuihong Yang

Distinguishing China’s processing trade in the world input-output table and quantifying its effects

Distinguishing processing trade is crucial to national input-output table-based research on China's international trade. This paper further investigates the importance of distinguishing China's processing trade in multicountry input-output table-based studies. We focus on the bias in China...

Xuemei Jiang, Quanrun Chen, Dabo Guan, Kunfu Zhu, Cuihong Yang

Revisiting the Global Net Carbon Dioxide Emission Transfers by International Trade: The Impact of Trade Heterogeneity of China

To revisit global net carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions transfers by international trade for year 2007, this study employs a new world‐wide, multiregional input‐output (MRIO) table in which China's production is separated into domestic use, processing exports, and nonprocessing exports. The re...

Cuihong Yang, Erik Dietzenbacher, Jiansuo Pei, Xikang Chen, Kunfu Zhu, Zhipeng Tang

Processing Trade Biases the Measurement of Vertical Specialisation in China

Vertical specialization (VS) is often measured by the import contents of the exports, using an input–output (I–O) framework. Half of China’s exports are processing exports, which largely depend on imported intermediate inputs and tie up upstream as well as downstream trade partners. Thus, one ...

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