Bart Los

University of Groningen

Bart Los is professor of technological progress and structural change at the Groningen Growth and Development Centre at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and is currently vice-president of the international input-output association. He has been joint leader of the World Input-Output Database project (, and has recently investigated the distribution of factor incomes in GVCs, as well as the role of GVCs in transmitting trade shocks, such as Brexit. He holds a PhD from the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

Yuwan Duan, Erik Dietzenbacher, Bart Los, Ruochen Dai

Regional Inequality in China During its Rise as a Giant Exporter: A Value Chain Analysis

China's exports success has implications for regional income inequality, because most of its export products are manufactured in the coastal zone. We propose a value chain–based accounting framework to quantify the contributions of exports to regional income inequality. We employ newly develo...

Wen Chen, Bart Los, Marcel Timmer

Factor incomes in global value chains: The role of intangibles.

Recent studies document a decline in the share of labour and a simultaneous increase in the share of residual (‘factorless’) income in national GDP. We argue the need for study of factor incomes in cross-border production to complement country studies. We define a GVC production function that tr...

Bart Los, Marcel Timmer

Measuring bilateral exports of value added: a unified framework.

We provide a unified framework for measuring bilateral exports of value added. We outline a general methodology that encompasses the measures introduced by Johnson and Noguera (2012) (value added consumed abroad) and Los et al. (2016) (value added in exports), to which we refer as VAX-C and VAX-D, ...

Wen Chen, Bart Los, Philip McCann, Raquel Ortega-Argilés, Mark Thissen, Frank van Oort

The continental divide? Economic exposure to Brexit in regions and countries on both sides of The Channel

In this paper we employ an extension of the World Input‐Output Database (WIOD) with regional detail for EU countries to study the degree to which EU regions and countries are exposed to negative trade‐related consequences of Brexit. We develop an index of this exposure, which incorporates all ef...

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