Amélie zu Eulenburg

German Institute for Development Evaluation

Amélie zu Eulenburg is Head of Department for Sustainable Economic and Social Development at the DEval. She holds a Master in Economics and East European Studies focusing on development and transition economics at the Free University of Berlin. She worked as Project Manager in development cooperation projects including placements in-the-field on behalf of KfW, GIZ, the European Commission and UN and has been a Senior Evaluation Manager/ Economist in the independent evaluation department at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), London.

Angela Heucher, Amélie Gräfin zu Eulenburg, Judith Ihl, Michèle Kiefer

Global supply chains - especially in the textile sector - face many social and environmental challenges to sustainability. The public has become increasingly aware o f these challenges in the wake of disasters such as the fire in the Ali Enterprises textile factory in Pakistan in 2012 and the co...

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