Almut Schilling-Vacaflor

University of Osnabrück

Almut Schilling‐Vacaflor, PhD, is a sociologist and anthropologist. She currently works as a Postdoc at Osnabrück University and is associated researcher of the GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies. Her research deals with environmental governance, business and human rights, commodity chains, participation, extractive industries and the agribusiness in Latin America. Schilling-Vacaflor currently co-leads a research project on the private and public governance of soy and beef supply chains from Brazil, with a focus on deforestation and human rights.

Jan 1, 2021
Almut Schilling-Vacaflor, Andrea Lenschow, Edward Challies, Benedetta Cotta, Jens Newig

Contextualizing certification and auditing: Soy certification and access of local communities to land and water in Brazil

The massive expansion of soy production in Brazil has contributed to a loss of access for local communities to land and water, particularly in highly dynamic frontier regions in the Cerrado. Soy certification standards like the Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS) contain principles that are suppose...

Jan 1, 2021
Almut Schilling‐Vacaflor, Andrea Lenschow

Hardening foreign corporate accountability through mandatory due diligence in the European Union? New trends and persisting challenges

The negative externalities of global commodity chains and existing governance gaps have received wide scholarly attention. Indeed, many sectors including forest-risk commodities (FRCs) like soy and beef from Brazil remain largely unregulated. This article analyzes ongoing policy-making processes at ...

Jan 1, 2021
Almut Schilling-Vacaflor

Integrating Human Rights and the Environment in Supply Chain Regulations

To address the negative externalities associated with global trade, countries in the Global North have increasingly adopted supply chain regulations. While global supply chains cause or contribute to interconnected environmental and human rights impacts, I show that supply chain regulations often ex...

Jan 1, 2020
Almut Schilling-Vacaflor

Putting the French Duty of Vigilance Law in Context: Towards Corporate Accountability for Human Rights Violations in the Global South?

The adoption of the French Duty of Vigilance law has been celebrated as a milestone for advancing the transnational business and human rights regime. The law can contribute to harden corporate accountability by challenging the “separation principle” of transnational companies and by obligating c...

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