What is the real socioeconomic impact of gold and diamond exploration in the Amazon?

Larissa Rodrigues, Felipe Bastos, Radolfo Finatti, Marta Salomon
#Environment and climate change
#Social and working conditions
#Latin America

Gold and diamond mining in the Amazon has become a major debate topic in recent years, and has intensified during the term of the current federal administration, alongside the issues of increased deforestation and armed conflict over land use. The question remains: does mineral exploration actually bring about socioeconomic advances? And how long do such advances really last? These and other questions were addressed during an Instituto Escolhas Webinar on 28 January, which presented the results of the study “What is the real socioeconomic impact of gold and diamond mining in the Amazon?”. The study, undertaken by an interdisciplinary team of regional development experts led by Carlos Manso, a researcher at the Poverty Studies Laboratory of the Federal University of Ceará (LEP/CAEN), addresses how mineral extraction in the municipalities of the Legal Amazon impacts upon key issues for local populations, such as health, education, and GDP per capita. The research project aims to determine whether mining is really able to transform these municipalities’ realities, inviting debate on which activities should be encouraged in which region.


Larissa Rodrigues

Instituto Escolhas

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