Sub‐Saharan Africa’s participation in global value chains: 1995–2021

Michele Mancini, Aaditya Mattoo, Daria Taglioni, Debora Winkler
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#Sub-saharan Africa

This paper examines Sub-Saharan Africa's (SSA) role in global value chains (GVCs) through a new comprehensive country-sector level database. It reaffirms known aspects: SSA's involvement in GVCs has grown but still trails other regions, especially in manufacturing. Typically, SSA is involved in upstream production stages, exporting commodities that are later processed and re-exported by other countries. Only few SSA countries have integrated into manufacturing GVCs, importing inputs for export production. SSA also engages more in GVCs with external partners than with other SSA countries. Yet, new insights also emerge. SSA increasingly provides inputs for its own export products, though not for domestic sales. Additionally, African GVCs are shifting alliances; China and India are rising as sources for supply of inputs and final demand, overtaking Europe. However, the United States and Europe remain pivotal final destinations for African goods and re-export hubs of African value added.

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