Respect for Human Rights in Global Value Chains: Risks and Opportunities for German Industries.

Weiß, Daniel, Garcia Bibiana
#Social and working conditions
#Corporate responsibility and lead firms

The German Federal Government adopted the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights (NAP) in 2016. This plan lays down German companies’ responsibility to respect human rights. In addition, it provides for a bundle of measures to assist companies with implementing and organ­ising their due diligence with regard to human rights. The study “Respect for Human Rights in Global Value Chains. Risks and Opportunities for German Industries” is one of these measures. It analyses human rights risks found in the value chain of various German industries. As part of the implementation of the NAP, the aim of this study is to provide a basis for the German government’s decision on which in­dustries will be offered assistance in the form of sectoral dialogues. The entire German economy was examined from a human rights perspective and 11 “focus industries” were identified. Data on national and international activities already being undertaken by these industries to exer­cise corporate due diligence with regard to human rights was collected in the course of inter­views and background discussions with sectoral representatives, trade unions and stake­holders from civil society. The project team de­vel­oped potential starting points for sectoral dialogues and further activities for the 11 focus industries. Cross-sectoral recommendations were also formulated.


Daniel Weiß


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