Beyond Rhetoric: Why Foreign Policy Needs to Foster Private Sector SDG Implementation.

Keppner, Benno, Daniel Weiß, Pietro Bertazzi, Bibiana García
#Trade and FDI

From conflict prevention to human rights protection – companies are vital for the success of the 2030 Agenda and foreign policy alike. But progress on SDG implementation in the business world is at a turning point. Foreign policy can and must play a decisive role by building a robust knowledge base, making use of economic diplomacy instruments and bringing trade and foreign direct investment in line with the SDGs. adelphi's volume "Driving Transformative Change: Foreign Affairs and the 2030 Agenda", comprised by 6 provocative essays, explores what contributions foreign policy can make on the road to achieving sustainable ways of life and provide guidance by pointing out entry points, priorities and trade-offs. They aim to inspire actors around the world to work together to initiate and boost the necessary changes and keep winning over new like-minded partners


Daniel Weiß


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