Decent work through South-South Value Chains?

Moderator Nicolas Martin is joined by Stephanie Barrientos from Manchester, England, where she leads the “Shifting South Project” at the University of Manchester where she is now an Emeritus Professor. Stefanie has dedicated a big portion of her career to development issues, focusing on labor and working conditions. And from South Africa Shane Godfrey is in the show. Shane Godfrey recently retired as director of the Labour, Development and Governance Research Unit at the University of Cape Town.

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Stephanie Barrientos

Stephanie Barrientos
University of Manchester

Stephanie Barrientos is Professor Emerita in the Global Development Institute at The University of Manchester. She was previously a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. She gained her BA and PhD in Political Economy at the University of Kent. She has researched and published widely on gender, global production, employment, decent work, trade and labour standards, corporate social responsibility, fair trade, and ethical trade.

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