Asia’s Global Supply Chains – Caught Between War and Pandemic

Jun 25, 2024 01:05 PM

In the eighth episode of “Shaping Sustainable Supply Chains” we want to discuss the role Asia will play in global supply chains after the pandemic. We wanted to talk about this at the end of February. But shortly before the scheduled recording, Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine changed the picture completely. Since then, the world is simply not the same. That’s why we want to broaden the picture and ask: What are the most recent trends and what is the role of Asia in global supply chains? In this episode our moderator Nicolas Martin is joined by Svenja Falk and Ana Ruiz Hernanz from Accenture Research. Svenja Falk is the managing director, where she oversees market and trend studies and where she is the brains behind strategic decisions. Ana Ruiz Hernanz brings in the economic perspective, and she also knows how to navigate data, given that she works as a data scientist and analyst at Accenture Research.

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