What Do Supply Chain Laws in Europe Mean for the Mining Sector in the Andean Region?

Angela Heucher, Judith Ihl and Michèle Kiefer (German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval)) and Roger Peltzer (Consultant)
Oct 26, 2023 11:00 AM - Oct 26, 2023 12:30 PM
online via zoom
#Sustainability standards

Textile supply chains are inherently complex: They span across many countries, involve multiple stakeholders, and encompass numerous production steps. Moreover, there are many social and environmental challenges in the textile sector ranging from labor rights issues to pollution – and these are well known.

In this webinar, Angela Heucher, Judith Ihl and Michèle Kiefer (all DEval) and Roger Peltzer (Consultant) shed light on German development cooperation’s efforts to promote sustainable textile supply chains through responsible consumption and production – as conveyed in Sustainable Development Goal 12. These efforts include certification, industry initiatives and development policy work at the municipal level. Among others, the speakers present findings on the Textiles Partnership as a multi-stakeholder partnership and on the Green Button as a textile label. Furthermore, they share lessons from an assessment of the Cotton made in Africa public-private partnership. Which efforts were made to support actors along the value chains? Which role did labels and their underlying social and environmental standards play? What was the impact, e.g. on farmers? What challenges arose – and which gaps remain to be addressed?
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