Sustainable Global Supply Chains in Times of Geopolitical Crisis

Mar 12, 2024 10:30 AM - Mar 12, 2024 01:15 PM
The event, organised on behalf of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs and the Research Network Sustainable Supply Chains, delved into various aspects of the Network’s Annual Report 2023, including:

  • Examining how geopolitical and geo-economic developments in recent years are increasingly influencing debates and policy processes surrounding global supply chains (GSCs)

  • Discussing the tension between geopolitical considerations and efforts to increase sustainability in supply chains, and exploring pathways to strengthen sustainability and development aspects in the future

  • Presenting insights from research on global supply chains regarding geopolitical and geo-economic dynamics across different sectors and industries, and canvass how academic research may enrich our understanding of the interplay between geopolitics and the organisation of supply chains.

Please find more information on the event here:

Event recordings

The full recording of the two panels can be accessed here:

  • Panel 1: Welcome Address & High level discussion: Sustainable global supply chains in times of
    geopolitical crisis

  • Panel 2: Navigating Tomorrow: Insights from the research on global sustainable
    supply chains on geo-economic and -political dynamics and fragmentation

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