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Victor Stolzenburg

World Trade Organization

Victor Stolzenburg is research economist at the World Trade Organization (WTO), where he works on a wide range of topics relating to international trade and global value chains. His recent work engages with topics of gender equality and the effects of COVID-19, and he investigates more broadly the development aspects of participation in global value chains. Victor holds a PhD from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, and was involved in a number of projects with the World Bank.
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Research Session: New Insights from Supply Chain Research
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Women and Trade: The role of trade in promoting gender equality

In view of the complexity of the relationship between trade and gender, it is important to assess the potential impact of trade policy on both women and men and to develop appropriate policies to ensure that trade contributes to enhancing opportunities for all. Building on new analysis and data broken down by gender, “Women and Trade: The role of trade in promoting gender equality” aims to advance understanding of the relationship between trade and gender equality and to identify opportunities through which trade can improve the lives of women. Research on gender equality and trade has been held back by limited data as well as by a lack of understanding of the connections between the economic roles women play as workers, consumers and decision-makers. The report gathers new data to show how trade and trade policy can affect men and women differently — in terms of wages, consumption and welfare and in the quality of jobs available to them. New analysis based on these data suggests that expanding trade can act as an impetus for countries to improve women's rights and boost female participation in the economy. Co-published in 2020 by the World Trade Organization and the World Bank.

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