Sarosh Kuruvilla

School of Industrial Labor Relations, Cornell University

Dr. Sarosh Kuruvilla is Professor of Industrial Relations, Asian Studies and Public Affairs at Cornell University. His recent research focuses on creating policy strategies to enhance skill upgrading and labor policies. His work has influenced government policies and practices in Asia, notably in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and more recently, China and India. Currently, he leads the New Conversations Project: Sustainable Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains at Cornell University.

Sarosh Kuruvilla, Jason Judd

Measuring Supply Chain Due Diligence: Labor Outcomes Metrics

In due diligence and accountability regimes, how will regulators and lead firms themselves know who is harming workers or running big risks for the environment? And, how will the rest of us— business partners, (including upstream suppliers), workers and their unions, investors and researchers—kn...

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