Rasmus Lema, Carlo Pietrobelli, Roberta Rabellotti · 2019
Handbook on Global Value Chains · Edward Elgar Publishing

Innovation in global value chains

In this chapter, the authors focus on innovation in global value chains and on the role that such chains play in building and deepening capability. They also focus on the trajectories along which firms, located in developing countries, once inserted into global value chains acquire or lose innovation capability. To do so, they bring together the global value chains and innovation systems approaches. Their key arguments are that global value chains interact with innovation systems in multiple ways and that these interactions have important implications for the speed, depth and overall quality of capability building in developing-country firms. They outline five innovation capability trajectories and show how capability building at the firm level interrelates with the various ways in which global value chains and innovation systems co-evolve.

Full publication is available on: DOI 10.4337/9781788113779.00032

Contributors from our Network

Roberta Rabellotti

Roberta Rabellotti
Department of Political and Social Sciences at the Università di Pavia

Roberta Rabellotti is Full Professor of Economics at the Università di Pavia, Italy. She has got a Master of Science in Development Economics at the University of Oxford and a Doctor of Philosophy at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. She specializes in the analysis of the industrial sector in developing countries. Her areas of interest are: industrial policies, small business promotion, international trade policies, industrial districts and clusters, global value chains.

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Carlo Pietrobelli

Carlo Pietrobelli
Uni Roma Tre

Carlo Pietrobelli is a professor and policy advisor with over 30 years of experience on innovation and industrial development and policy. He is currently Professor of Economics at the University of Roma Tre, Italy, Professorial Fellow at UNU-MERIT, Maastricht, and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, Washington D.C.. He was Lead Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank (November 2009-November 2016), where he was in charge of designing and managing programs to promote competitiveness and innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean. His activities included: cluster and value chain programs, the impact evaluation of such programs, innovation and industrial policies, support to Competitiveness and Innovation Councils, programs for local economic development, productive corridors, programs and institutions to support technology transfer and small and medium-sized enterprises development.

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Rasmus Lema

Rasmus Lema
Aalborg University

Rasmus Lema is an Associate Professor at Aalborg University Business School. He obtained his DPhil degree from the Institute of Development studies at the University of Sussex. His areas of specialization are global value chains, innovation systems and low carbon innovation.

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